0-byte files from DTTG

In syncing DT with DTTG, occasionally I still get a handful of 0-byte files. I’m on the wrong end of a satellite internet connection, so I think this occurs when I import into DTTG (for e.g. from Safari) and the internet connection goes down during the import process. So far these are all web pages imported with Convert to PDF. Although importing is much more robust with the new PDF method introduced a few versions ago, I still get a few dozen a month out of a few hundred imports.

It’d be nice if this process could be made more robust in future versions. In the meantime, I’d like to write a script that converts my 0-byte files to PDFs while retaining the metadata. Convert to PDF in DT doesn’t work—I have to open each URL individually and re-import.

Does anyone have a starting point I could use for such a script?

"robust" and “the wrong end of a satellite internet connection” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand :wink:

Zip and post a zero-byte file.