1.01 does not solve sync problem!

It looks like 1.01 did not solve all sync problems. I still have an issue where updated note in my Mac does not sync with my iPhone or iPad DTG. So, what I now have ended up with two different documents in the platforms, which makes DTG not as useful.

Here is some additional things I have noticed.

  1. Change the item the DT Pro Office
  2. Save the change
  3. Sync
  4. Nothing changes in the DTTG

Exit DT Pro Office. Restart. Now I’ve noticed that the item I changed in DTPO is reverted back to the old one even though I saved the change earlier. Also, I made sure all my notes were saved before exiting the program.

So, I try again. Change the item and save it this time.

Now I try to sync, and it looks like sync is working.

So, there might be an interaction between two programs . . .

This might not be relevant to what you are seeing, but there is one side effect of DTTG always displaying the item most recently opened - the display of that item does not seem to be updated after a sync unless you display something else and then go back to it. So, if I change in DTPO the item currently being displayed in DTTG, and sync, it looks as if it has not been updated in DTTG, whereas it has and can be verified by selecting another item in DTTG and then going back to the one that has been changed in DTPO.

By definition, syncing data between applications does imply a very intricate set of subtle, and not so subtle, interactions between the applications involved. Aside from simple document “syncing” applications that allow access to a common set of files from multiple platforms, true data syncing applications are fraught with issues and ‘features’ that are viewed as defects by many users. We are working to address synchronization issues that are either defects that have surfaced now that the application is in the hands of a large user base, or simply areas that are not adequately addressed in our current approach. That said, we have an engineering effort underway that will provide a very robust approach to synchronization for mobile devices and perhaps “elsewhere” that will roll out during the first half of 2011. As mentioned above, we plan on rolling out frequent updates to DTTG over the coming months to deal with obvious bugs and inadequacies in our implementation. More robust solutions will be forthcoming as our more ‘universal’ approach becomes available next year.

Believe me I have tried to do this multiple times - moving out of the current view and returning, and also exiting and restarting the app before I reported this bug.

I can tell you for certain it’s not a refresh issue.

I have updated to DTTG 1.01. The good news is that my iPhone now reliably syncs, which was very quirky before. Also my iPad continues to sync OK. BUT, the latest note (a plain text note) I added to my Mac does not sync to either my iPhone or my iPad. I tried adding text to the note to update it, and then re-synced a couple of times, but it doesn’t move over. I tried resetting the database on my iPhone, and then re-syncing the whole thing, but it still didn’t sync that note.