1.31 patch and removal of registration

I’ve just installed the latest patch for DEVONthink Pro, and upon restarting the application I was very pleasantly surprised to find, as soon as I noticed the ominous countdown ticker, that my registration had been removed, and now the program isn’t letting me re-enter the license code that came with the e-mail confirming my purchase of the program. Any thoughts? Thanks!

If you had previously registered DT Pro the update should not have removed your license code. Of course, you can always use the information from your registration email to enter the components (Name, Organization, License Code) into the corresponding fields in the application’s registration panel, press Tab after entering the last field, then confirm when the Register dialog activates.

But if you’ve been working with DT Pro Office and run update from an earlier version of that application, the license code for DT Pro won’t work, as DT Pro Office is a different application.

That’s exactly what it was. I downloaded the 1.30 version of Office when the last patch came out, not knowing about the difference. But that did work, F.Y.I.