1.3b DT Pro Office not working any differently with mail

I’ve just downloaded the new beta (1.3b2) of DTPO.
I seem to have noticed a big problem.

It’s stated that: “NEW: Toolbar button ‘Import All’ for importing all whole mailboxes including all sub-mailboxes without any filtering.”

Where is this toolbar button? I’m not seeing it? What does it look like? (I’ve even gone into the customize toolbar option: I do see “Import” but not “Import All.” And, the “Import” button doesn’t seem to work with mail. )

When I use the Import command (under the FILE menu) I can choose email. What’s different is some boxes are “blue” and some are “white.” The white boxes have sub-mailboxes. Importing regular (or “blue”) mailboxes works fine (as before), but “white” mailboxes that have sub-mailboxes don’t get imported/recognized at all.

Can we have some clarification about the email issue? The enhancement is a big one, but I’m not seeing if, or how, it’s been implemented in the new beta 2 version.


If you customize the Mail Import window toolbar it should be sitting to the right of the “Import” button. If it isn’t, have you been using a limited beta version? In that case I would remove all the preferences of DT Pro.

With regards to the white and blue mailboxes, this is similar to Mail: white mailboxes don’t contain any messages and cannot be imported using the standard “Import” button.

The standard “Import” button does a lot of work to make sure that the filtering works properly. The “Import All” doesn’t check anything and takes it as it is in the Mail Source.

Okay, I found the solution: though it is a bit unintuitive.

The new button is not on THE toolbar, but rather it’s a button
that can be added to the special toolbar one sees when invoking
the Import: Email command.

The explanation is on p. 255 of the manual (that’s the only
way I would have figured this out). Essentially you have to
chose View > Customize Toolbar when the specific Import
Mail toolbar is active. Then you can drag a new tool icon
for Import All onto the toolbar. (Why this isn’t a default
option on the toolbar is a mystery to me.)

However, once this weird organizational schema is
figured out, the actual import of multiple mailboxes
works very nicely, and it seems much more quickly
than with the first beta. 8,000 emails were imported
in less than an hour (I don’t know how much less as
I left my office to go get lunch.)

Thanks for this needed improvement!

btw still no good news for importing thunderbird mail stored in global index ‘local folder’ file?

I didn’t see anything mentioned in the release notes about it. :wink:

I will see with a release of Thunderbird 2 as well. And then have another look at it.

eh eh yes, but I read:

Improved: Communication with mail applications more reliable.

So I asked about.

Thank you. I’m probably gonna buy the pro office version for the scan options, but the impossibility to import mail from thunderbird it’s sad for me.

have a nice day

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who has found this mail-import-toolbar-button thing difficult. I’ve been sending e-mails back and forth to support about this. I can find no online help on this topic of mail import toolbar buttons, save for this forum thread. The answer is not intuitive at all.

DevonFolk need to reword their documentation about the new button.

Great program–I’ve been using DT/DTPro/DTPOffice/DAgent for several years–but sometimes find the documentation a bit on the “hard-to-decipher” side!

Don’t worry I promised you I will look at it however no promises as to any changes. I still have a list with many things for the final release. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to add mailboxes and submailboxes to DT Pro Office automatically from Mail? At the moment, if I highlight a mailbox in Mail that contains one or more submailboxes, then select “Add to DT Pro Office” from the Mailbox menu, only the Mailbox folder name is added to my DT database, without any submailboxes or messages (!?). This again seems totally counterintuitive. Why can’t I just highlight a mailbox and transfer everything in it?

That depends on how you look at it. We decided not to implement it this way since the Mail Import window is a much more appropriate way to see what happens in a potentially very long running operation.

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you’re saying, and was very impressed when DT absorbed my 8,000-mail archive via this route. However, I still think EagleFiler’s one-click capture of mailboxes + all submailboxes is a much more elegant solution. Couldn’t you offer both methods in a future release?

The more fundamental problem, of course, is that DT still refuses to allow visibility of the “Date Created” column in its search window – see:


  • i.e. there’s no way to quickly find mail messages based on when you actually received them. Now that EagleFiler offers a DT database import function, I’m seriously considering switching systems. There are plenty of features of DT that I love, but they are all secondary (in my case) to the ability to search my e-mail efficiently.