1.5.3 app won't open (OS X 10.5.1)

The DEVONthink 1.5.3 shareware demo won’t open for me. It appears on the dock, then immediately disappears. Is it supposed to run under 10.5.1? (my old wallstreet chokes on Jaguar <big sigh!>).

I’ve downloaded it twice, used both Stuffit and OpenUp to expand it, reboooted the computer… any other suggestions?

Unfortunately, DEVONthink PE 1.5.3 (and only exactly this release) doesn’t run on Mac OS X 10.1.x. We’re close to releasing a new version, though, that will again run perfectly on older Mac OS X systems.

Try devon-technologies.com/files … .2.dmg.tgz to download DEVONthink 1.5.2, an older release that’ll run on your Wallstreet in the meantime.


Thank you so much for continuing to support the older versions of OS X, it’s much appreciated. I know several people who just can’t get Jaguar or better to run on our hardware (the endless litany of attempted fixes shall not be spoken here). And until the economy improves, it looks like we’re stuck w/ our aging and/or defective hardware (the other guys having trouble have newer machines than mine, some recently top’o’the line. Go figure…).

Anyway, thanks again for the prompt reply. I’ll download ASAP, and look forward to the new release.