[1.8] Link items display URL in status bar

From the 1.8 version history:

For consistency between all views, I’d prefer if the item name (title) were displayed since the URL is already visible in the URL field at the bottom of Note Pad and Outliner views.  And maybe display other item names in the title bar (tho’ I find it easiest to look at the status bar)?

The status bar displays the current URL which might not be identical to the one of the original bookmark.

I see what you mean.   Is there somewhere other than the Info window the item name for a URL link could be displayed so it’s visible regardless of the current view/context?

If you’re referring to a browser window, then the item name is of course visible in the left/upper pane of note pad/outliner views.

In Note Pad view longer names are often "truncated" in the left pane because I keep it relatively narrow so more content is visible in the right pane.  One possibility might be for a mouseover to display the full name, like with long filenames in Finder.  Otherwise I have to use the Info window, expand the left pane, or switch to another view to fully display it – none of those alternatives are appealing.

Yes, tooltips might be an option. Will probably be added to a 1.8.x release (not 1.8.1 which is almost ready to be released).

Along with item tooltips, it would also be useful if the URL of a link under the mouse cursor in WebLink views was temporarily displayed in the status bar so you’d know where clicking it will take you.  Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion. Such a feature will be probably added to v1.8.x (or v1.9).

Great!  Could you also add something similar for Wiki links, per my request in another post earlier today?

Today I’ve added the display of link URLs in the status bar and wondered when the first request to implement a similar feature for Wiki/Cross links will arrive. Well, sooner than expected  ;D