[1.8] moving items removes Outline status

Moving an item to a new group clears its Outline status.  'Tis a significant organizational inconvenience for me.

Items receive the outline state of their new parent currently. Usually this should be quite useful but if there’s a common need for an option to disable this, I’ll add one.

Ahh… and the manual says "New items always inherit the outline state from the parent group.", duh!

My hierarchy looks like this:


The top- and sub- groups are just non-outline “containers” for top- and sub- outline items. I may replicate items in one sub-group, then move them to another (which is how I discovered this issue). It’s okay if all the groups are outline items (and they are now) but since it’s irrelevant I didn’t consider originally creating them that way.

When I changed top-group to outline state it changed all the sub- groups. And if I change any of those groups back to non-outline state all its children (groups and non-groups) will change, too. That’s clear; the manual specifically says “This option is inheritable”.

Then I noticed items retain their checked/unchecked status when outline state is toggled multiple times. And since that status is preserved when items are copied or moved I’m not as concerned with items temporarily toggling to/from outline state so adding an option to control it doesn’t seem necessary.  Now that I understand inheritance using outline groups in the “container” context I described is more just a cosmetic thing. I’m sure there and plenty of other outliner-related issues that deserve higher priority.

I’d changed all parent groups to outline status so that items moved to them would also be in outline status.

Well, yesterday I accidentally clicked the checkbox on the top group when trying to expand it, which cleared the outline status for every item under it. :astonished:  I was too stunned that I forgot to check if Undo was available; would that have worked?

Fortunately this wasn’t an irrecoverable goof since the checked items were films I’ve seen and I can easily go thru the list to check 'em off again.  But I’d really like a way to minimize the risk of this happening again, especially for outlines I won’t easily remember.

For now I’ve cleared outline status for the top group and left it on for groups under it.  However, I’d rather not have it on for any of the groups in this outline.

So, I’d like to submit this as a request for an option to disable items inheriting outline status from the destination group.  Whether or not that’s added I’d also like to suggest that the checkbox and flippy triangle of an outline group not be so close together; it’s too easy a target for clicking the wrong one.


Complete undo/redo support will be available in a future release (probably in version 1.9 or 2.0). In the meantime, this shouldn’t cause any harm although it can be annoying sometimes.

I’m still frustrated with unintentional outline status changes.  It’s just too easy to forget, as I did again yesterday.

Yet another idea I had was that locking a group/item would keep its outline status from being accidentally changed by clicking the checkbox or when moving it to a different group.

Is that reasonable?

Yes, this sounds reasonable. The next release (1.8.2) will improve the handling of locked items.

Excellent.  My errant mouse clicks will appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Has been also implemented today :wink: