[1.8] post-convert/move replicates

I’ve consistently recreated trouble with converted documents and replicates in DT 1.8.

Convert to (Plain|Rich) Text a document in a non-home group.

  • The converted document is displayed in the home group.
  • The Info window of the converted document displays the original group’s Location.
  • The converted document is also listed in the original group when opening a new browser window (List view) for that group.

Move To the converted document from home to the original group.

  • The document is now listed once as a replicate (red text) in the original browser window (Note Pad view), but twice in the other browser window opened above.

Move To the converted document listed in the other browser window (List view) from the original group to the home group.

  • The document is listed twice in the home group but not as a replicate.
  • The Info window of both copies of document displays ‘/’ as the Location.

More easily done than explained. :wink:

I was glad to discover converted documents remain in the original group (which I’d requested earlier, before noticing that it actually does).  The trouble is with duplicates in the home group and the original browser window properly not being refreshed to list converted documents.

There’s a bug related to converting in v1.8 - DT does not add the new contents to the right group (or sometimes to the selected and the root group). But it’s only a visual glitch - closing the browser and opening a new one solves the problem until v1.8.1 will be available.