[1.9.a] How to set up saving delay ?

It seems that the latest release of DT prevent my powerbook’s hard disk from going to sleep. It was possible to set up the automatic saving delay with the previous version, ie “save database every xx minutes” or never. How can I do that now ?

DT 1.9.x still uses such a delay (3 minutes) and therefore I doubt that this caused the problem (can’t imagine how).


With the previous version (1.8), I asked DT to save the database only on demand or when I quit the app, which is usefull to save energy when you’re laptop is running on battery. So, that option is no longer available ?

No, this option is no longer available because this option could cause data loss after a crash (and as more than 90% of the crash reports related to DT are not caused by bugs of DT but by ones of OS X or external plugins/components, e.g. contextual menu plugins, this is definitely safer).

I confirm my first feeling. The usage of DT is less comfortable on my powerbook with the new version.

I use a 12" powerbook, whose temperature can raise quickly when the hard disk is solicited. I was used to work for hours on DT without any inconvenience but now, when I work on DT, fans are running and the computer is hot…

I think I will go back to the previous version :unamused:

I am running DT Pro (the beta version) on both an iBook 12.1 inches and a G5 double processor. Though DT does its work “bravely”, working with the iBook is not such a great pleasure, because one can feel how “slow” it is and because of the small screen. But I do not have problems with heat, fans starting etc., so I wonder whether there are other reasons for your specific problems?