10.7.3 and memory problem using OCR


I updated to OS 10.7.3 this morning. I am using DTPOffice 2.3.2.

Over recent days I have been batch-converting a number of PDF documents using the OCR “convert” menu so that they are searchable. I have been able to leave my computer for hours, often overnight, while DTPO does the job. No dramas.

Since the update to 10.7.3, however, when I now run an OCR conversion on a PDF within DTPO, the available unused disk-space on my computer hard-drive (about 35GB at the moment) descends to almost zero within about 20 minutes. Activity Monitor shows an activity “pdf2tiff” running hot (>80%CPU most of the time).

When I quit from DTPO, the used disk-space suddenly returns. For instance, in the last 15 minutes I began a conversion on a single PDF. My un-used space fell from 35GB to 10GB within 15mins. When I quit from DTPO, the un-used disk-space immediately returned to 35GB. If I had left it on, my un-used disk-space would have fallen to zero.

This is not good… any thoughts?

Did you update via Apple Software-Update or did you install by using the Combo updater?
If not, try again with the combo updater (don’t forget to start with shift-s before updating).

I did it with Auto-update.

Is it possible to re-update with the Combo after already updating with the auto-update?

I would send Devon Support a bug issue, Im having a memory problem on DevonAgent Pro right after the 10.7.3 update, its not you, it was the Apple update, I have 3 other pieces of software from other software vendors that are having problems right after the update, this is what I hate about apple updates, many pieces of software develop problems and the software vendors are racing for fixes, I sent Devon Tech my bug report and these people have jumped right on it, my experiences with apple updates is that most vendors have a fix within 2 weeks, but you have to report them so the vendor has an idea what problems have occurred after the apple update.


Thanks Ray — I’ll send a bug report.

If anyone else discovers a solution in the meantime (apart from not converting any PDFs anymore!) I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Is there any reason why the “send enquiry” button at the bottom of the bug-report page is greyed out and not clickable? perhaps I am doing something wrong? Makes it hard to send a bug-report …

Just wondering if there’s anyone out there who has 10.7.3 installed who can test converting a PDF, and whether it happens for them as well… I’d be grateful for any further info that might help me isolate the cause of the problem…


Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. Curious to know if there is any update on this?