100 files with problems

Hello everyone,

I started cleaning up my DTPO database. Too many files – decided to reorganize.

While doing this, I discovered that somehow, nearly all the files with an added date in DT on 5/1/13 are unreadable. Very strange. There might be other days that are bad, i don’t know. But 5/1/13 is almost a total loss. maybe 100 files.

I don’t remember what I did. When I search my drive for files that were created/modified/added on 5/1/13, including emails, I find no clues there. Just normal work activity.

the DT RTF files are ok, as are a couple other minor categories.

But (nearly) all of the DT PDF files with added date = 5/1/13 are empty (according to Preview; and also if I open in TextWrangler). But they show the right file size, strangely. Some (not all) of my R coding files added on that day are blank too.

JPGs are blank. [Yes, I know I shouldn’t have added JPGs – they were buried in the folders, I assume].

I opened the DT database package file up using Path Finder, and located a few of the PDFs that were empty when read through DT. They were empty when opened directly in the package as well.

I haven’t discovered any critical losses, but there were a lot of nice PDFs that have gone to data heaven. Unfortunately my oldest Time Machine backup is 5/3/13. Missed by 2 days.

One possible clue: I do have a 15 month old DT backup on my network drive. I have only looked for a few files so far, but I have found more than one that was already in DT. That’s BEFORE 5/1/13.

So … maybe I was trying to do use the DT OCR convert on a group of scanned PDFs and JPGs, and that it created these useless files with the 5/1/13 added date. And then I tossed the originals, not realizing that the OCR had failed. This would explain why only/mostly? PDFs and JPGs are affected.

Any suggestions on what might have gone wrong would be a big relief. Else I have to worry that it could happen again.

Thanks very much for any help. Screenshot attached.

Massive screen shots are not useful on small screens.