1000s of missing files

I have about 3 thousand missing files after my DT3 froze while moving documents from one database to the other. while the real and correct documents are in the DB as well, running verify/repair didn’t actually repair the missing documents/replace them with the orphaned ones. so now all i need to do is get rid of the missing documents. but i can’t justify going through the log one by one to find them. is there ANY other way of doing this? it seems not, but i am hoping i’m wrong. thanks.

Were they indexed or imported files?

Rebuild command?

Restore from a DEVONthink backup (the zip files) or from a TimeMachine backup?

Been there, done that. I restored both databases from TimeMachine and then moved the files again. Is that an option for you?

  • We’re you moving 3,000 files at once?
    • If so, how?