1085 To Do Items?

I am using DT2pb8 and after the last update I suddenly have 1085 To Do Items. I’ve never understood how to tag something as a To Do or to make a To Do list, but now I have all kinds of items in the To Do “folder” at the top level of my data base. and … when I try to search the forum, it tells me To do is too general and I get no useful hits. I am really at sea here, would like to get rid of all the To Do links and find out how to use this potentially useful tool … can you direct me to a tutorial or advise me where to begin?

Gloria Wilson

Here’s why. The ToDo smart group uses this test: “State is OFF and content is ANY KIND”. PB8 (or maybe it was PB7) so completely changed the meaning of State that it is not useful for that test any more. In fact, PB8 eliminated the ToDo smart group from new databases – although it was left behind in pre-PB8 databases. The fix is to delete the ToDo smart group.