1st OCR from ScanSnap not "showing up"

When I run my 1st scan (DTPO, ScanSnap, Leopard), it seems to disappear. If I run it again, the OCR window opens and I can name it as expected. What happens to the 1st scan? Is there a bug in the interface? This didn’t used to happen in Tiger…

I’m also getting a copy of the scan in my “Pictures” folder rather than just in DTPO. I don’t remember this happening in Tiger either, although I may be mistaken.

Any comments or help?

Which version of DTPO are you using?

Happens to me too…First scan just goes into ether…IRIS ocr screen never appears.

Mac Pro, 5GB RAM
OS X 10.5.1
DTPO 1.5
ScanSnap S500M

Didn’t do this under Tiger. 2nd scan and subsequent scans work as they should.

I use DTPO 1.5

Any information on this yet?


Looks like one of those – hopefully temporary – Leopard things. An initialization glitch? A timing glitch?

When this glitch shows up, I simply adapt to the first scan not working and scan that first page again. Once scanning starts to operate properly after that first page, everything is fine.

I’ve noticed this too. I’ve found the first scan has been done, just not caught by DTPO. I then imported it into using the Import/Images (with OCR) until that started to give bad results - see other thread about OCR Woes.

I now just scan to PDF, review in Preview (removing unwanted pages), save, and import to DTPO without OCR.

I have just tried here. DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5 and ScanSnap Manager 2.1L11 worked together as expected including the first scan. The only problem I noticed was that DTPO did not set the default application correctly; we’ll address this with the next update.

Like Eric, I can’t reproduce this here either by using Image Capture. You might want to try a cache cleaning tool here (this sometimes fixes odd problems like these).

I’m running betas of the next maintenance release of DT Pro Office under Leopard 10.5.1.

Like Eric, no problems with either my ScanSnap or CanoScan LIDE 500F scanners.

I’ve seen the posts about fuzzy, unreadable PDFs after OCR, but it just hasn’t been happening to me. I’ve been doing lots of scans with both scanners, without incident. The PDFs resulting from my default settings in Preferences > OCR read and print very legibly.

Comment: I have no Input Manager plugins at all, either in my /Volume/Library/ or /User/Library/. I’ve got two registered utilities that install input manager plugins, Default Folder and 1PassWord. But because I saw error messages in Console while they were installed, I removed them. Leopard tends to be very verbose in Console. After cleaning out all input manager plugins the Console log is much smaller, mostly restricted to browser messages in Safari and DEVONagent.

I have confirmed this with copies of scanned PDFs from some users that cause this blurry end result and we have informed IRIS. Now the only thing we can do is await the results of their investigation…