2.0 b6

Just a short note to thank you for a great product and listening to your customers- brilliant updates :smiley:

Not only listening, as plenty of developers claim they do, but actually implementing changes based on our feedback, e.g. for me:

• NEW: Shortcut Option-Left/Right expands/collapses all children in outline views whereas Left/Right expands/collapses only the selected item.

I always notice and appreciate that:

… nearly every DTPro update has at least one change related to something I’ve directly suggested/reported or that somehow matters to me.


Nice little shortcut key…

Good suggestion, Scott, and I’m glad it’s implemented.

Glad it doesn’t mess up your workflow. :smiley:

I like the new note taking feature very much (together with the new widget).

It´s just weeks ago (or so) that there was this discussion and new plug In(?), script, which was written by a user. And now, the new version has nice elegant way to do it on it’s own.


That’s one of the things I like so much about DT (apart from the program itself!): the developer(s) are receptive to suggestions and very reasonable about it. Despite all the whining we do here!