2.0: Copying Selection with shortcut in db: Where is it?

H there,

there was this nice shortcut Command+shift+) to copy a selection of text into the database.

After upgrading to 2.0 this functionality seems to be lost (or better: I don´t fin it anymore). I thought, this was now connected with this sorter and I assign it in the Sorter-Preferences but unfortunately it doesn´t work, also it seems.

When I use this shortcut (for selected text) I just hear a snap thet sound like the snap for a screenshot. But I don´t find any copy of the selected text in the database.

Perhaps because the sorter doesn´t work alreay in the beta?

The “snap” sound that you hear is the Sorter capturing the data to the Universal inbox, which as you mention is not yet functional. Your data is captured, and can be found in your ~/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox. Once the Sorter is fully functional, this data will be imported into your database. For applications that support Services, you can continue to use the Services menu to capture snippets of text in rich or plan text to the active database’s inbox.

Note that if you have one or more open DT Pro 2 databases, that Service, Shift-Command-) to capture a rich text note containing selected text/images, will send the new content to the currently active (“frontmost”) open database’s Inbox.

The Global Inbox to receive content even when DT Pro 2 is not open, is not functional in the public beta 1 release.

Note also that in public beta 1, one can drag Inboxes or groups of databases to empty slots in the Sorter. If the related database is open when new content is dropped into its Inbox or a group, the new content will immediately be sent to that database. If the database is not open at that time, the new content will be sent to it when it is next opened.

A database’s Inbox can be renamed prior to dragging it to a slot in the Sorter, to prevent confusion. E.g., the inbox of a database named “Bank Records” can be named “Inbox Bank Records”.

Do you know if deleting any files there before it eventually gets imported to the global Inbox removes all references to it? I want to clean up what I don’t want now so it won’t be imported later.

I’d expect that it would. Not that I know how it will work, of course, but I was expecting that the Global Inbox would be a window onto a particular folder…

I couldn’t locate any other references so I’ll feel free to delete 'em.

I’ve played with the global inbox more than a little bit, even added a folder action script to it to have it import files to my database inbox. I’ve deleted files from it with no ill effects.