2.0 Email Import Issues

I never have used DT for email stuff but given the quality of 2.0 I gave it a try as I want to use DT for all my info going into the future.

The first think I tried, intuitively I think, was to drag about 70 Apple email messages to the Sorter inbox for my personal archive. That didn’t work out too well because the process choked and I was left with missing messagea and an icon of an email “stuck” in the sorter box.

So, I remembered about the scripts and imported this way which worked perfectly. However, I notice a small difference between the two import versions (aside from the Sorter not working!). When you drag an email to the Sorter, the resulting entry in DT 2.0 shows the message url at the top whereas the script puts the sender’s email address there. When you click on the message url in the first case, you get a “real copy” of the message with a “Show in mailbox” link in the right hand corner. I don’t see any way to get that when using the script. The ability to get to the exact email can be very useful.

Bottom line, is there a way to successfully import email via the Sorter instead of the script. Aside from being more intuitive and in line with what I see as the new DT design philosophy, having the message URL is more helpful.

I hope this was not to confusing. Its not easy to explain.