2.0 still saving copies of files in database?

I avoided using DT before, because I didn’t like having two copies of my files - one inside a DT database and one out in the finder. I thought, from the DT webpage, that 2.0 no longer did this. According to the website, DT2.0 stores files “as-is”, which I thought meant that I could “index” my finder items and not copy them into DT.

However, after downloading it and playing with it, it seems like my test files got imported into the DT database even in 2.0. Did I misunderstand? Is this not implemented yet? Is it an option or an import method that I didn’t do correctly? Is just “indexing” without importing possible?

New DT user

Indexing works fine, but you do need to specify if you want to import or index your files. A search in the Help file for ‘Index’ should get you all the info needed to get started. Also, the manual has a section on this under ‘Index Files On Your Hard Disk’. Also as a FYI, DT 1.x also supported indexing as well as importing of files. The difference in DT 2 is how imported files are stored in the database.


Thanks for your reply! I guess this is definitely a RT(F)M program and not a jump in and fiddle program. Yes, that indexing thing is what I was looking for :slight_smile: Thanks for getting me pushed in the right direction.