2.0 Update

After launching DEVONthink Pro today I received notice of the 2.0 update. I was running the public betas up to this point. After the install and relaunch was complete the registration window appeared asking me for my license number.

The Catch 22 is that this information is stored inside my DEVONthink database, only now I can’t get access to it to retrieve the license information. Anyone have an idea how I can retrieve this info another way?



If it is in a text or rtf file, you could use easyfind to search inside the database package (which is really a folder containing other folders containing your files).

Easyfind may be downloaded from the devonthink website (they provide it for free, which is nice of them), and can search inside packages. nifty utility.

Actually I just solved my problem. The previous public beta was sitting in my trash can, so I just deleted the 2.0 update install, and returned the public beta version to my applications folder. After launching that previous version I discovered I was wrong, that I had not upgraded to 2.0 as I thought. Thanks for the feedback though!