2.0b3 slow scrolling with mouse wheel in link-rich page

Hi, I’ve come across a small performance issue with scrolling and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it. If I have a RTF document with at least a few links (maybe 5+ in a screenfull of text; I can send an example), scrolling with the mouse wheel becomes extremely laggy… it’s fine at first but with continued scrolling it lags more and more. This happens whether I’m in a pane view or have it open in its own window.

Scrolling by clicking/dragging the scrollbar is fine, and the document scrolls fine within textedit. There may be a bug with the DT text viewer and how it is handling or caching URLs. I’m on a 1st gen CD MBP 1.8ghz with leopard/latest updates, and this issue happens both with wheel scrolling on a logitech mx1000 mouse and with the two-finger scrolling on the touchpad. I know it sounds trivial but the majority of my notes are filled with outside links and the slow scrolling is a big drag :slight_smile:.


I don’t see slow scrolling with my Mighty Mouse scroll ball when scrolling up/down in rich text or HTML documents within my DTPO2 database that are long lists of clickable URLs, or in database browser when viewing the current contents page of Science Online, which contains numerous links.

I see this too, but not in all documents.

I have the same lag issues as edawad with a 1.4MB RTFD document with many embedded links (hundreds of links) and a 21.3KB RTF document with many links (48 links total).

I do NOT have the lag issue with a 99.5KB RTFD document with few links (8 links total), a 299KB RTF document with no links, etc.

It does seem related to many embedded links, and only when scrolling with the mouse wheel.

These documents all scroll normally with the mouse wheel when viewed in TextEdit.

Could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com) some example documents and screenshots showing the view/window displaying them? Thank you!

DarylF2, do you have LCC installed (the driver for logitech mice/keyboards)? I remember LCC causing a similar scrolling issue with Excel 2004 for mac. I have it installed on both my computers but unfortunately can’t uninstall it to test without losing my mice functionality.

I was finally able to reproduce the problem, the next beta will fix this.

I had a busy week and didn’t think to check back here until today. Sorry about that.

I do not have Logitech Control Center installed.

I just installed DEVONthink Pro 2.0b4 and it does indeed fix the slow scrolling via the mouse in link-rich pages!


Try test driving Smart Scroll: marcmoini.com/sx_en.html to see if you like its acceleration and coasting features

It is very smooth

Good luck