2.0b8 Rich Text list-creation bug?

I use DTPro to do my outlining for papers, and the ‘Option-Tab’ list-creation keystroke is a real timesaver for me. However, on my machine this feature now appears to be broken (within DTPro) after the recent update. The shortcut still works perfectly well in TextEdit.

This may not be a big deal for many people, but it’s a real bummer for me. Any thoughts on a fix?

Option-tab now toggles the focus to/from the tag bar (if displayed). It might be worthwhile to use ‘Help>Feedback’ to send an email to voice your request to have this changed.

Thanks, Greg— I hadn’t picked that up in the release notes. I followed your suggestion and emailed the feedback address. We’ll see what happens; until then, I’ll try find a workaround.