2.9.15 broke PDFs in OSX Sierra again

Sort of.

The previous update had a workaround for the PDF display bug in OS X, IIRC.

This update breaks that (at least on my machine), as PDFs, once again, either don’t display, or display almost completely blurred in the lower pane of the three pane view.

Check Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences > EnablePDFDrawing, click the On link and relaunch DEVONthink.

Thank you!! I never would have found that. :slight_smile:

There’s a LOT of good information in the Help and manuals. Spend some time in there and you’ll find more good stuff.

The workaround might cause rare & random freezes of Sierra’s PDFkit framework, that’s why it’s not enabled by default anymore as a blurry display isn’t as critical as a frozen app. Luckily the workaround won’t be necessary anymore on High Sierra.

Means, that we have to click “off” as far as HighSierra is installed?

No, the workaround was never used on High Sierra.

The blurry PDF (often not remotely readable) means DevonThink is deeply broken for me on Sierra and since High Sierra isn’t officially out (many other apps I have still don’t function well with the Betas yet) I’m stuck.

I’m trying to get the work around to stick, but it isn’t so far.


this works for me as I also had the issue with not displaying pdf files properly.

Perfect, problem clear, solution clear and simple and works!! Thank you!