2 Extra Inboxes in DT3?

I just installed DT3 & have all my databases open. I had a difficult time finding my global inbox as it wasn’t in my documents folder as was my 3 other ones (Personal, Personal Business & Work). I found it in dorsey>Library>Application Support>Devonthink Pro 2>Inbox.dtBase2.
1st question: Is that where my Global Inbox should reside or should I move it to my Documents Folder like my other 3 databases?
2nd question: In the right column, I have Globals and then under Inboxes, I have 2 labeled “Inbox” and the Work, Personal & Personal Business. What are the 2 labeled “Inbox” as they are not connected to my Global Inbox. The first “Inbox” is, however, where a clipped web archive landed when I used the DT Clipper in Safari.

Thanks any help. I’m a bit confused with the new structure and where my databases should be.


  1. The Global Inbox should not be moved from its default location.
  2. The Inboxes section shows the Inboxes of any open database (as each separate database has its own)_

Please spend some time in the built-in Help. There is a ton of good information in it, including answers to the Inbox question in the Windows > Sidebar: Navigate section.

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Thanks for the help Bluefrog … and for directing me to the built-in Help, which is very good.

I have noticed in my DT3 installation that my Global Inbox is actually my DTPO Global Inbox, located in ~Library>Application Support>Devonthink Pro 2>Inbox.dtBase2, and not the Inbox that’s in ~Library>Application Support>Devonthink 3>Inbox.dtBase2, which is empty, except for recently clipped web archive. Will this be problematic when I totally switch to DT3 & delete DTPO? How do I migrate the files that are in my DTPO Global Mailbox to my DT3 Global Mailbox & then force DT3 to start using the latter as my Global Inbox? Thanks!

You’re welcome!

The Global Inbox for DEVONthink 2 and 3 are indeed separate.

If you are switching to DEVONthink 3, you could quit DT3 and move the Inbox.dtBase2 from DT2’s App Support folder into DT3’s, overwriting the new one.

Otherwise, in DT2, you could select items in the Global Inbox and use File > Export > Files and Folders and export to a newly created folder on your Desktop. In DT3, select the Global Inbox, then choose File > Import > Files and Folders and import the contents from the folder you exported to.

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Thanks again, Bluefrog … that fixed it! I appreciate your help!

My pleasure. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I like the search feature on the new forum! I actually found the answer I was looking for!

I’m also having an issue with the global inbox of DTP2 not being in DTP3.

I have a further wrinkle, though: I sync the DTP2 global inbox on my macbook over bonjour with an imac and a few ios devices. So I don’t use a sync store like dropbox or webdav – it’s just my MBP syncing when all devices are at home on wifi.

I wish there was a way to “Share” the global inbox between DTP2 and 3 for now. I feel like my only choice is to move everything out of DTP2 global inbox and into 3, but I’m not sure that’s what to do. I don’t want the data to be duplicated across versions (because that will mangle the sync and will definitely result in me losing changes, because I’m an idiot and will undoubtedly take a note or make edits on the the wrong duplicate and think it was saved). Most of what’s in the global inbox is not ready to move out of the inbox yet because it is either waiting for edits/work, needs to be available for a period of time (and hasn’t gotten moved by one of my applescripts yet ), or is part of an active project - but I’d like to use DT3 more.

Is there any further trick I should consider if moving the current master sync store (global inbox of DT2 on my MBP) over to DT3 global inbox on the MBP?