2 features, 1 improvement


I would love to have a “option” enabling click on the name bar that will allow for a the parent window to appear with the file selected.

If possible linkable images like in a web page

notes made with Apple’s Preview to be readable and thus searchable within DT

Thank You in advance

The command Data > Reveal should do this.

Hello, Thank You.

the command+R brings up the “absolute” folder where the file is located. If I want to go back up in the directory I have to move up and up and up. or redo the command. But when there are many folders it is confusing and easy to forget the path.
Is it possible to implement an option in the preferences where such commands can open a new window with an expanded list to that file? so the path is a " parent relative" within the interested database portion?
Again thank You

Thank you for the suggestion, this command will be improved in the future.