2 issues: Files.noindex missing; working with Bookends

I have been trying to establish connections between an old (2008?) DTPO DB and Bookends. Somewhere in that process, I hit the wrong key or did the wrong thing. The screen flashed and the DB looked a bit strange to me. Quite a number of “junk items” were missing (smart!), but it seems that the academic papers were still available.

  This was a couple of days ago. Today I was cutting and pasting an item from the internet to a "New RTF" page in this database. I saved the document, but oddly, although the document was listed in the database and I could export it to Finder (and read it),  the text would not show up in the database. 

  Instead, there was DT icon of a page with the top-right corner flipped over and the message: File missing: /Users/linn/Databases/DB/Res.dtBase2/Files.noindex/rtf/0/New Rich Text 1.rtf. 

 I found an older version of the DB in Time Machine, but that version is shown as having 1.38 GB, while the database I'm looking at now, reports 6.22 GB. I should add that as I have deleted about 20 items from the database outside the database. (That was probably a bad idea; I'm over it.) But they didn't constitute 5 GB. So I don't know if this is a symptom of trouble or just a computer's method of counting.

 I'm unsure what to do next. Can I just continue using this DB? Is all well with it?

 Here is my Bookends issue. Initially my goal was to have Bookends rename my academic files from all my folders and move them to the BE "Attachment" folder. Then I would index these files in DTPO, probably as fresh DB. This seems to be the norm from reading the sites for both apps. And, it's not obvious to me how Bookends would link to files inside a DTPO database. However, I'm beginning to have a mild preference to have all the files in DTPO database anyway--after they have been renamed and their references captured. Then I would expect to use Bookends solely as a reference manager and scanner to end references to the penultimate draft. Does either of these approaches make more sense than the other?

Also, please be advised: I'm not a power user for either of these software packages--I'd just like to have my research organized and my work submitted to the publishers with the least amount of grief. Any help or suggestions you have would be welcome. 

 Thanks, linn

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Will do! Thanks, Jim.