2 Macbooks 1 Ipad..

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my setup problem; Unfortunately; I’m new to Devonthink OP and (as everyone is) DTTG

I have a very simple requirement; two macbook pro’s - one in the office one at home. In the office I have setup a ‘work’ database and at home home a ‘home’ database.

I wanted to use my iPAD for portable access to both my ‘work’ and ‘home’ databases when i’m traveling.

When I try to sync with the ‘home’ database this is fine and works as normal; however when I go to the office; DTTG only gives me the option to sync with the office macbook pro and overwrite the ‘home’ database. (and enter a new sync pin number)

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance for your time in responding to my question!

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I tried for the fun of it since I too move my databases between my work Mac and my Home mac (using a hard disk). Well, DTTG does not support sync to multiple computer. DDTG just erased the content of my iPad and replaced it with the content of the home mac (even though it is exactly the same databases!).

We will have to wait for that feature…

This is correct. DTTG currently only supports syncing with one computer (or another). “In the laboratory” we are working on a more universal syncing solution that will encompass multiple computers and devices, but that will not be available until the later in the first half of 2011.


I’m wondering whether we could get an update on the feature to be able to sync with more than one computer. I have a number of databases on my home machine, and a work database on the new mac in the office, all of which I have a need for on my iPad. I don’t necessarily need to use the iPad to sync between the same database on multiple computers, although that would be cool. But just being able to use my iPad with more than one system would be great. My current work-around is to take the work database home on a USB drive and sync my iPad to it there. That is going to become problematic as a co-worker will start using the office database with his iPad soon though…



We’re in the final stages of the new sync code. I’m not quite sure what it will be capable of with regards to syncing with more than one computer, but I will pass this along so you can get a proper response.

The new sync code is able to sync with multiple other locations. As Jon says, it’s in the final stages on the Mac; finishing its integration into DEVONthink To Go will happen soon thereafter.

Thanks for the update. I look forward to it :slight_smile:


I just wish that DTP could sync between multiple devices exactly the same way as Evernote, Dropbox or even iCloud (as regards addresses, bookmarks, calendar entries etc.).

In other words create or modify a document, automatically sync it with a master version maintained in the cloud, seconds later those changes would be replicated on every device. Do this and my inter device sync problems would be solved at a stroke. My paranoia about losing years worth of data would also be eliminated at a stroke.

An alternative, I guess, might be to store in in Dropbox. But I have a very large database, many gigabytes, and I really don’t want to risk it in case there are any issues. Also it will cost another $100 - $200 a year.

Is there anyone who can advise on using Dropbox for this, as a matter of interest?

Hi rollo,

Believe me, I understand what you mean. I can’t make any promises or guarantees as to future development of course, but I am personally viewing the current sync plugin beta’s functionality as a stepping stone to a seamless, smooth workflow. So we’re thinking along the same lines you are :slight_smile:


I downloaded the beta plugin to test, but haven’t had time yet. I didn’t see any instructions. What do I need to know to get it to work?

Hi, Where can this mentioned beta pluging be downloaded? I would be more than happy to be a beta tester for sync.

It is only available to people who are already registered as Beta testers, as far as I know. I have been one for more years than I can recall.

Would enjoy being able to beta test that plugin, as it would be really useful to me.
Developers, please…

We’re already quite advanced on our way to the public beta so there’s no more need to sign up as a beta tester. Please just stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog.