2 newbie questions

I purchased DevonThink months ago but only recently started using it regularly and, naturally, hit a few snags now and then.

  1. The view menu lists 5 options with keystrokes, but the first two don’t work for me. Command+option+1 for list view and command+option+2 for icon view. Does this happen to anybody else?

  2. Can I delete the entire DT cache without messing anything up? I backed up my files the other day and it took forever. The application I use (ChronoSync) seemed to be going through endless cache files. The DT cache is only 4.4 MB but contains nearly 800 files and seems to be the biggest one on my drive. I don’t understand much about caches.

Thanks for any help.


[1] The probable reason is that those keystrokes have been “hi-jacked” by another application. Workaround: the toolbar selection of views is very convenient.

[2] Never run synchronization software when DEVONthink is open. I wouldn’t trust the backup if DT were open at the time the sync software was run.

Most likely. I’ve been using the toolbar for those 2 views.

DT wasn’t open when I did the backup. No apps were. Before I do a backup I always run a cleanup app to get rid of browser caches and others, but it doesn’t touch DT’s cache. Then I restart the computer and run the backup app, which I’ve got configured to back up the entire home folder (among other things). It always takes a while to do it, but never like last time.

I guess the real question is whether I can safely delete all those cached files.


Martha: Yes, you can (I think :slight_smile: ) delete those cache files.

I recommend periodic OS X maintenance using utilities such as OnyX (free) or C ocktail (shareware) to run a set of procedures such as preferences repair, cron scripts, and cache cleaning.

If you restart the computer before running your backup software, that should reduce the number of cache and temporary files. Better yet, run the cache-cleaning and other maintenance procedures first (with all other apps quit), restart, then run your backup. It will go faster and cleaner.

You seem a bit uncertain ( :slight_smile: ) but I’ll risk deleting the caches and see what happens. I assume all those caches created by applications have some purpose but I don’t know what it is.

Onyx is what I use for maintence. I like it.

Thanks for the advice.