2 question about 2.0

I can not test the beta, 'cause I’m still using tiger and panther. I have 2 question reading the docs I can not understand. I asked those in the big thread , but I fear my question is lost in other messages.

I can not find anything about the users metadata/tags/fields feature for documents. I only see a generic ‘tags’ field in get info window. I’m missing something or there is not still a way to assign user metadata fields to a document? Is this planned in 2.0 final release or not?

The sheet records have a format (date, time, money, number, array…) or is still the old 1.x ‘no format’ one?

Thank you for the answer. Those improvements were the only ones I was waiting from 2.0, so If someone could confirm they are out of 2.0 I can still use the 1.x and forget the new version.



Tags will be part of 2.0final, customized meta data of 2.x. The only exception is that 2.0 will be able to edit e.g. RTF/RTFD document properties.

Still the same.

Just to clarify things for stupid me: Does this mean that you will be able to edit the document properties of RTF documents in 2.0 final? I tried to do so yesterday, but entries in the fields keep disappearing. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?


It’s not yet saved.

This is great news! Thanks! :smiley:

I’ll look in 2.x when it’ll be ready.


Thanks for the answer. Have a nice day.


Does this include other document types like Web Archive and Bookmark?

No, it will be (at least initially) limited to document formats having editable properties (e.g. RTF).