2 Questions: Folder structure and Indexing moved files

Dear Devonfolks:

2 Questions:

  1. what’s the best folder structure to place your data - word docs, pdf’s, images, notes, etc - in? Mine currently is, in heirarchy order Documents>Main Subject/Topic folder>Subfolder.

Is this good? Does it affect performance? Just interested to know.

  1. If I move a file or image from one folder to another, will Devonthink recognise it’s new location?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


1 – The organization you suggest is fine.

I usually don’t think in terms of hierarchies, but in terms of ‘clusters’ of related items. So I’m rather amused when I see comments about being tied to a rigid hierarchical structure; I’m not.

Yes, the more closely items grouped together are related, the better the performance will be for AI features.

2 – Yes, the new location is instantly recognized. Of course, using replicants, there can be multiple locations, which I often use to reflect multiple relationships that an item has to other items.