2 Questions on DevonTHINK 2.0.3

I’ve been using the evaluation version, and I’m almost sold on DT. I have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to join separate scanned and OCR’d pages into a single document? Right now, every page I’ve ever scanned is it’s own separate file, and it would be helpful to be able to combine sections of books.

  2. I imported a folder of several thousand .pdf documents. They show up in the devonthink index, but all of them are marked ‘file missing’. Is there a way to remove these ghost entries so I can reimport the folder?


Select the files and use Data > Merge, or right click and use Merge in the context menu. Before merging, be sure that the files are sorted in the order you want the merged pages to appear. (Incorrect sorts can be fixed later, but it’s nice to have it right from the beginning.)

Could you explain a bit more about what happened? “They show up in the devonthink index” – do you mean the log, a group, or something else? Whatever went wrong can be fixed, but a bit more info would be helpful.

Wow. Thanks for the speedy response. The merge command is exactly what I’m looking for regarding scanned book pages. Regarding the ghost PDF entries, I figured out that as well with a little playing. Apparently I asked DT to index instead of import, and when the original folder was moved, all the links broke. Problem solved by deleting the folder of broken links and importing the documents again.

One last question… I’ve been using the evaluation version of DT from the desktop. If I move the application into a folder in APPLICATIONS, will it lose track of the database or have any other tragic consequences?


You should move the application to the Applications folder, as Services won’t work from the Desktop location. Then logout/login or restart.

Nothing but good will result from that move. :slight_smile: