2 requests; pdfs and management

  1. when searching for a word a pdf document shows up telling me the word i am looking for is in that document. now, the document has 97 pages but the devon search result shows me only page one and offers no more search options. so i have to sift through 97 pages manually or open the pdf externally (preview and acrobat do the job accurately). is there a way to make devon think behave like this?

  2. when duplicating a document, the document is never duplicated inside the folder the original is stored, but always on the top level. can i make devon think duplicate and save the document in the SAME folder as the original?

  1. I found this to be somewhat time consuming as well. It would be nice to have the search highlight the term and open that page.

2.If I select a file and then use the contextual menu to select duplicate, the new file is created along side of the old one, in the same directory. It works for me by default.

o yes, i was somewhat unclear here (point 2). i meant when telling devonthink to save a pdf as text, that new text file will be saved at the top level and not in the folder where the original document used to be.

but that may also be a limitation of text lightning (a third party software that does the job…).

This bug should be fixed in v1.8.1 now. And to get back to the first issue - Quartz is currently neither able to select, copy, search nor highlight text (Apple’s Preview uses a private solution once again).