256 Encrypted PDF

If I encrypt a PDF in Acrobat to be 256 bit, I get no way to open in in DT. No password box appears like with a 128 bit encrypted file.
Is this a bug?

*BTW, this is my first post int the “new forum”. I had to re-register with a new name and address even though the overlord said my previous address was in use but still wouldn’t let me login or send me any information.
Oh and since when is DEVONthink not one of the “products you get from us”?

So it’s been a few months a couple of releases later. Is this issue going to be addressed at some point?

Just encrypted a scan saved to PDF, with Acrobat 9.5 Pro, compatibility set to Acrobat 9 (to get the 256 bit encryption). Dragged the PDF into DTPO. Upon selecting the PDF in DTPO I see the screen, below, and upon entering the password the document displays correctly in that DTPO window. Clicking away from the document and back again requires password re-entry.

(FWIW, I don’t have the Acrobat Reader plugin installed here – that plugin has been known to not play well with DTPO in the past.)

OK, at least I know now that it should work. 128 works fine encrypted using Acrobat 9.4.6. As soon as I use 256 I see this in DT (Doc name but no password entry):

Acrobat 9.5 was mainly a security update. You might want to try updating Acrobat. You did not state what versions of DEVONthink and OS X you are running?

OSX 10.6.8/Most recent DT.

Here’s what I found. I was taking a document from within DT, opening it in Acrobat, choosing encryption and saving. When the newly saved document re-appeared in DT is when I got the blank window. If I do everything the same but do a Save As from Acrobat then re-import the document into DT, the encryption window then shows.
Should this be the correct behavior? Seems like encrypting should work this first way without re-importing.