3.0 Bug or global Tags

For testing:
(1) I created an empty database with no other database being opened (2) used the new and empty db to index a testing macOS folder that has approx 50 pdfs in which are attached to over 50 different pre-existing Finder’s tags in total (3) import the index group (the macOS folder is automatically deleted by DT3 and the folder/files were moved into the db locally) (4) export the index group again (5) delete the local group in the database.

Somehow there are now two sticky tags under global>tags. As I understand that global tags is not a DT3 function so this could be a bug?

If only one database is open (usually the global inbox), then the display of the inbox, tags & trash in the sidebar are simplified like that.

I see. So the global inbox is another database. Thank you.

Just like in version 2. Only the appearance is now different.

Also, check out Help > Documentation > Getting Started > DEVONthink Simplified > Databases :slight_smile: