3.1.1 update jumping cursor

It’s a small thing but it’s good to know I wasn’t hallucinating. Thanks to everyone who helped chase this down.


Thanks for working on this DTTG team!

I came across this bug last night writing in a markdown file - and it was very frustrating to be losing phrases. As I was typing (using the on-screen keyboard) at the end of the file, at irregular intervals the last few words I’d written would be deleted.

I’m using Dropbox sync.

You’re welcome. Unfortunately no beta tester ever reported this issue which is why it came up only in the public release. Sorry for the inconveniences.


I never experienced it myself, but then I’m only using Bonjour sync now. When reading this thread, it appears to be related to using a sync store, yes?

It should also happen when synchronizing via Bonjour but I fear everyone’s mileage varies.

Understood. I close the document I’m working with before initiating a Bonjour sync, so I would never see the cursor jump.

Reproducing everytime as I edit markdown - the cursor jumps to the end of the note and the last few characters of the edit are lost.

  • iOS v14.5.1 with software keyboard

  • iPadOS v14.6 with physical keyboard

  • DTTG v3.1.1

  • Bonjour and iCloud sync setup on both iPhone and iPad (and macOS)

  • Worth noting that the cursor continues to jump after activating airplane mode (tested as a potential work around but no joy).

Let me know if any further information would help with the investigation.

As mentioned above: Should be fixed for version 3.1.2.

Hi all

First a big thank you guys for the DTTG 3. I love it really and it makes fun to work with. Just one thing as all writing here the jumping cursor in markdown. By writing it jumps to the last line and I’ve lost phrases. In my case I’m not on iCloud, sync over WebDAV and got the same issue. Counting for the update 3.1.2 :+1:t3:

Welcome @mateau70

Thanks for the kind words.

I have an issue of inputing Chinese characters. I think it’s related.

Whenever I’m typing with iOS builtin Chinese input method, there’s seems to be some kind of interruption, and only the typed PinYin characters are registered. Sometimes the Chinese character was registered successfully but a moment later it’s reverted back to PinYin characters.

Also, when I’m deleting characters backwards, the characters will reappear after being deleted, like a flashback.

  • Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink To ?
  • If so, does it persist after rebooting the iOS device?

The answer is yes to both of your questions.

In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket and attach a screencast of the behavior. Thanks!

Me too with this (jumping cursor, dev kit sync). Good to know 3.1.2 will fix, once again we see fabulous response by the Devonthink devs. Kudos.

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I’ve also experienced

  • Last few words erased
  • Cursor position jumping.

And have you updated to 3.1.2, which was released this past week?

No, To Go was still on the previous version.

After the update To Go appears to be working correctly.


You’re welcome.