3.8.1. Preferences > WikiLinks > Update name of item links automatically

Thanks for (yet another) amazing “minor” release :slight_smile:

I have the question on the usage of “WikiLinks > Update name of item links automatically”.

How is this feature supposed to work?

I created two docs:

Inside Doc2 I am referencing Doc1:

Now, my expectation of the feature was, if I rename Doc1 to something else, this name will be (automatically?) updated.


But this is not the case:


I am sure I misunderstand the feature. Thanks for the help.

Indeed you do :smiley:

Starting here: “WikiLinks > Update name of item links automatically”

Continuing here in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Document Linking

Ah, interesting. That a fine catch, I did not read so deep between the lines (item links) :slight_smile: As this setting sits under “Wikilinks” that is what I assumed.

I was already under the impression that wiki links would update automatically (I am still using Obsidian for exactly that operation).

That’s why I documented it specifically in the Help that WikiLinks are not item links. :slight_smile:

@jooz We are soulmates: like you I’m using Obsidian only for this feature and I also went crazy when the new DT version seemed to catch up :smiley:

@BLUEFROG Even with the clarification in the help section it’s very misleading to place this option in the WikiLinks section as it has nothing to do with WikiLinks (while all other options are not related to item links).

hehe :slight_smile: fingers crossed we will see the WikiLinks renaming feature in the future :slight_smile: We are getting to the ultimate #PKMnirvana with DT3 step by step :slight_smile:

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You’d have to discuss that with Development. :wink:

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@cgrunenberg Christian - it would be cool if you could consider offering WikiLinks > Update name of item links automatically for wikilinks in addition to item links.

Well, at least considering is easy… :slight_smile: