3 pane view width & Column sizing

I searched for these issues and did not see them, so I apologize in advance if they have been posted already.

2 issues that are currently making using DTP2 difficult for me.

  1. In 3 pane view you can adjust the folders/groups pane width. However the width returns back to default whenever you switch to another database and return back, or close the database and reopen.

  2. Again in 3 pane, the Name column is the only column that is able to be resized.

I want to purchase but I have to use larger fonts than the defaults so these issues make it extremely difficult to use for me.

Thank You

Just in case nobody other than those of us who are easily maddened care about this, I’d like to bump this item.

In the widescreen view and others, the &^%$#@ comments column behaves abysmally. It is completely incorrigible and the spankings and screaming seem to have no impact whatsoever.

Why oh why does the comments column do its best to overtake all other columns and like an annoying bedpartner??? It has never behaved with elegance and grace, but now it’s as obnoxious as idiotic politicians.

Please make it behave, and HUGE extra points for allowing the minimum to be narrower than the &^^$#@ current minimum width.

Same applies for the &^%$# date column.


My very best to you all, though!

The upcoming public beta 4 will improve this.

Yikes, I must have been super frustrated that day. Sorry for the noise level in that one.

I’m grateful for all you’ve done.

Yes, as much as some enthusiastic users (me included) can be highly vocal, the folks at DTP have been very professional in their replies.

Kudos guys (and gals?)