30% discount being applied for additional seats?


Sorry to ask here, but I was just wondering if the discount for additional seats is being applied yet?
When I choose available upgrades from my account, I have the 20% education discount applied for additional seats (which is appreciated, of course), but when I go to checkout the additional 30% is not applied, as suggested it would be on the email announcement this morning.

Could you share some insight as to whether I am missing a step or something?


It should work already. Please try to clear the cart and re-add the seat. Does it show now? The 30% are not explicitly shown but the regular price for a seat is $99 (Pro and Server) and $49 (Standard). So you should see a lower price today.

Thanks for the quick reply.
When I choose “Available Upgrades” from my account, in the “additional seats” section the price is indicated as approx $55 (so I guess that’s about 50%) for the DT3P (there’s the $199 regular price, which is crossed out, and the additional seat price in red, at $55)
But when I add it to the cart and go to check out, the price is increased to $69 (in the cart).
So one of the discounts seems to be cancelled out, perhaps?
Any ideas?

Could you please IM me a screenshot of what you see?

The price that you see in the cart is the price for a seat already reduced by 30% (e.g. $69 instead of $99). Then the educational discount is applied. That gives you the price you also find in your customer area. For the total, VAT or sales tax is added depending on your country of residence.