3d touch for DTTG2


The recent blogpost about DT and its usage in working with notes came at the right moment for me. Currently I am revising my note taking workflow on iOS and macOS. I already started to simplify my workflow as it is written in the blogpost to use less Apps to achieve the same results.
DTPO is fantastic for note taking, because with a shortcut in the sorter you can start typing your note. Fast and efficient, as in the quick entry window of Omnifocus. But on iOS it is not so fast, to many clicks to get a note. A bunch of note-taking Apps supports 3D Touch, so with a simple tap you can start typing your text.

How about supporting 3D touch for DTTG2? Instead of opening the App and then tapping the + and choosing which type of file you want to add, I think it would be faster with 3D touch. I would propose the following shortcuts:

  • Text
  • Picture
  • Audio

So at least you could start faster with the brain dump….

We are currently investigating options in this area. No promises, but thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for the response!

I am sure that this functionality would make a great addition to DTTG. And I am sure, that you guys can come up with a more clever implementation than mine :smiley:

It would be much quicker, if I could choose the file extension at the 3D touch step… But this would lead to a bigger menu here and of course totally change the way you implemented it (choosing the file extension after writing down the note). I am not sure if this would be a great idea…

Yeah. On a small form-factor device like an iPhone, bad design choices are especially bad. We definitely have things we’re talking over.

The 3D touch menu is limited to a few items. It’s already working here in the labs but we’re currently still focusing on fixing the most pressing issues. Expect 3D touch in the foreseeable future, though.