64bit support

I know that devon is busy quashing DTTG bugs, resolving sync issues, releasing at least some versions on Apple’s app store and adding features to the portable versions. I also know with Lion just around the corner, making sure that it works on Lion and giving the user interface another update to make it “modern” for the next two years, which in this case I suppose means turning most of the buttons grey and washing out the colors is a full plate. I did however want to throw some few thoughts out there.

The number one feature I’d like to see, is the long overdue, in my opinion anyway, support of 64 bits. I’ve got 16GB of RAM and some truly huge databases. This is in a new MacBook Pro. In the past supporting more then 4GB of RAM was probably not that big a deal, DEVON is not photoshop after all, but in 2011 more then 4GB of RAM is becoming very commonplace and DEVON is a program that could certainly benefit from this situation and make some use of it, instead of never seeing it.

Is there any chance of 64bits coming soon? DEVON is one of the last programs left I have running which is not.

Other then this I’d really love to see some resolution of a few of the top standing requests, those being richer smart group support and being able to specify a date range (thanks very much for the last quarter, this quarter improvements in the current release).

Tags? Some kind of tag view and better support would also be most appreciated, yes I know ammonite is out there and some people here seem to love it, but I am not going to start running helper apps for things that really ought to be built into DEVON itself.

Didn’t mean to post a laundry list and I have done my best to keep it short, but back to the title of my message, is 64bit support going to be arriving any time in the near future? I’m sure it’s planned, but it would be nice to see it sometime soon. I have a Mac Pro at work but I’m quite used to seeing it sit with 98% of it capabilities idle, because only a very few apps I need for work are optimized to see the resources, so I never bothered to mention this before, but every “consumer” and “prosumer” device Apple makes, is catching up, I think 8GB is becoming the norm. DEVON never seems to see more then 2GB or so, there’s a lot more room to stretch on every new machine out there and none of it is being utilized by DEVON at present.

It’s scheduled for later this year as it’s a lot of work and requires a lot of testing.

Yep we understand. But I hope when the 64bit version comes out, our current licenses will still remain valid.