83 documents to be uploaded - how to fix it?


how can I fix the error in the screenshot?

There have been lots of posts on this topic in the last two, three weeks. Does none of the solutions proposed there help in your case?

Unfortunately not. I haven’t found a helpful suggestion. And I wonder why this came up the last couple of weeks while I haven’t seen it before. But feel free to link to a useful guidance. Thanks ins advance.

So you did these things…?

  • Do a toolbar search for ​item:pending​.
    • If any pending files found, determine - if they are needed. If not, move them to the databases’ Trash and empty the trash.
    • If none, are found, try emptying the trash in DEVONthink.

“Empty the trash” was something I had overlooked. Since then, no more errors in the log. Thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: