A better integration of Excel & Mail via DTP?


I’ve created a simple Excel worksheet to log various information I need to track. As part of this process, I need link to certain emails that relate to correspondence that I’m logging in the Excel worksheet.

My solution was to export those select emails from Mac Mail into DEVONthink, select individual email messages in DTP, click on “Copy Item Link,” and then paste & hyperlink the email’s item link in an Excel cell.

Just wondering if there’s another, advisable approach to this that I might be overlooking or should consider.


There’s a method to speed this up and get the links for multiple documents in one action.

If you select some documents in DEVONthink and use the command Data > Create Table of Contents you’ll get a file with the document names as clickable links. Select the contents of that file and paste into Excel. You’ll get rows in your spread sheet with the same names + clickable links. (And without the numbered bullets.)

So this

after using select-all on the body text, copy, and paste into Excel, yields this

(This works with the Office 365 version of Excel – Excel 2016 – but many older versions of Excel do not recognize x-devonthink-item links.)

This is awesome.

Thanks so much!

Really appreciate the tip, and your continued help.

Just want to alert you that the copy & paste of the DTP-created Table of Contents into Excel isn’t working.

Here’s the process I’ve followed: After I’ve create the Table of of Contents, I Select All of the linked items, Copy them (or use Copy Item Link for them), Paste them in the Excel cells, select Hyperlink (in Excel) and paste in the DTP Item Links under Address.

But when I link on these DTP-created Table of Contents links in Excel, I’m routed back to the Table of Contents; Excel doesn’t open the links (e.g., links to email I’ve imported into DTP) as it does when I copy and paste the individual files via the Copy Item Link & Paste process (outlined in my original post).

To be clear, I not complain about this at all – I simply wanted to bring it to your attention in case this is something that needs to be repaired by DTP and/or if there’s something I need to do differently to correct this process.

Thanks again…

It’s working as korm described here with Excel 15.35.

Also note, while we strive to be an open architecture, interoperability like this with apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. are not the responsibility of DEVONtech. Whatever Microsoft (or whatever company) does or doesn’t do with the data is their issue. Talking to the other developers would be a good idea. It may get a dialog started.

NOTE the disclaimer posted above – there’s no guarantee that anything in Excel works.

I totally get it.

Again, I wasn’t complaining about the problem I experienced. I just wanted to bring it to the forum’s attention in case there’s something could be repaired – or if there’s something I should’ve been doing differently to correct this process. That’s it.

Thanks again for your help.