A better rich text capture

I have been using StickyBrain for many years and have tried DV for just as many. DV is smarter, more elegant, more versatile and relatively fast… StickyBrain is soooooo slow. Yet still with all that good stuff I keep coming back to StickyBrain. And why… It captures text (rich or plain) from ANY program with just a key command (programmable I might add). You can set up key commands for any folder or even to add to existing notes. In addition it has a contextual menu that allows the capture to an unfilled folder as well as capturing the highlighted material (by the way… text, pictures, links, and does add the URL address if it comes from a browser that will allow that…Firefox will not, Safari does.) to any folder. It gives an audible feedback if you wish, and does not need to open the program also if you wish. And it always works.

I don’t impart this to suggest that you run out and buy StickyBrain or to put down DT which I think is a wonderful program. I do so to plead for a better more efficient way to capture the stuff that we need. The services route just doesn’t cut it for me. If Chronos can do it I’m sure you smart guys at Devon can also.