A block of text automatically becomes BOLD!!

In my rich text file, there are some segments that just won’t become ‘unbolded’!

No matter how many times I unbold them and save, they automatically rebolden themselves when I come back to the document! Even if I unbold and copy paste it to another new RTF file, they become bold by themselves. It is quite annoying - not the end of the world or anything- but repeatedly annoying to deal with this unruly behaviour! Like a piece of disobedient code in the program that mocks at you. Anyone experienced it, any thoughts?

I using the new 1.0 release of DTPro btw.



I encounter this with note captures from certain Web sites. It appears to result from their page description and font.

A solution: Press Command-T to bring up the fonts panel, select the pesky-bold text and change to a different font.