A couple of feature suggestions

Devonthink offers the option to view markdown files either as a rendered preview or in the built in plain text editor.

Being a user, I always want door 1, door 2, AND door 3. That’s my job!

How about an option to show markdown files as rendered previews, but if I click anywhere in the display window It switches to the editor?

Then, a command to exit the editor and return to rendered preview would be nice. Maybe the escape key.

Next, how about file versioning? If I open a DT markdown file in iAWriter, I can revert it to previous saves. The versioning is baked into the filesystem. Could there be a context menu option “revert to…” for each file?

Just random thoughts.

How about displaying source and rendered version side by side:

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This is relevant

Discourse Search is your friend.

Thanks, Korm - that looks like a good solution.

Applications that support versioning work with files stored in DT, too, so I believe the need is pretty much covered.

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I’m humbled. I didn’t see that feature, either.

I’ll go away now…

Seriously, thanks for the answers, Chrillek and Korm.

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The versioning rule works great - is there a way to store a smart rule in a database, or do they always reside in the global context?

I don’t want versioning on everything. As a workaround I added a criteria to only create versions on plain text, rich text, or markdown documents with a “Versionable” tag.

Is there a better way?

Smart rules are only global.