A couple of quirks...

…that emerged after spending more time with the app:

  1. A line return doesn’t work as expected with Markdown notes. Text on a separate line (no space) is rendered on the same line, which is annoying.

  2. IMHO it is much more natural to tap the item title to change it, rather than the Info button which is completely opposite (bottom of the screen). Tapping the title could open the Info sheet though.

  3. Is MD strike through supported? (this doesn’t render)


  1. Have you included two spaces at the end before the line break? You must. It’s part of the Markdown / MultiMarkdown spec.
  2. Tapping the title… where?
  3. No, because it’s not part of the MultiMarkdown spec. It may be possible through CriticMarkup in MMD, but not at this point.
  1. First of all thanks, I didn’t know this rule. But when I add two spaces at the end of a line, I get a paragraph-type space after the line, not a single line break. Any idea how stuff like poetry or song lyrics can be entered (with something akin to html

  2. When you tap a note for viewing, the note title is displayed at the top of the screen, between “edit” and “back”. Tapping it to change the title seems like the natural thing to do IMHO.

  3. OK.

  1. Can you post a screencap of what you see as a difference? Using the convention I mentioned doesn’t yield any extra space between lines.
  2. I don’t know that I’d ever have thought tapping the title would make it editable. Is there another app where you see this behavior?
  1. Sure. In the second example, notice there at two spaces at the end of the first line. The rendered result is a vertical space even bigger than the normal paragraph space just above it.

  2. Byword is one example but there might be others. To be clear, making it editable would be nice for short titles but could be annoying for long ones (very little horizontal space). What I meant was that the title almost invited you to tap it in order to change it. It could bring up the info window instead. Just a thought.

1Writer works that way also, and I know I have seen other apps that do this-just cannot recall any of them now. I like DEVONthink’s behavior better, as a long press on the title text takes the user to the home screen.

OK for my #2 point, I thought only a long press on the back button went to the home screen. I agree that the current behavior is more useful, since you’d more often want to go to the home screen than change a title. Thanks for that!

How about the extra space between lines that shows up if a new line is produced by 2 spaces at the end of a line on DTTG?

On the Mac it behaves as expected, meaning a new line produced by 2 spaces is placed directly under the first line with you distance.

I think it is a flaw in DTTG and should be fixed. It prevents me from using Markdown with DT.

But don’t get me wrong… I am for the most part very fascinated with DEVONthink and wonder how you managed to create such a wonderful product :wink: