A couple of searching tips required !!

I’ve spent the last day reading through the Tips and tricks which I’ve found very interesting and educational. However, I have a few questions:
I’ve trying to build an archive of articles about my local Rugby team(Bristol Shoguns or Bristol Rugby) and am using the following search criteria:
(Bristol BEFORE (Shoguns OR Rugby)) NOT (American OR Football)
Follow links is on and set about halfway using the same search as above.
All filters are on with no scanners.

The weird thing is I’m also specifying some newspaper sites :
is one of them and whilst from the log I can see that DA is going through each article it’s saying “only links”, and of course I would like to grab each article.
I’m also getting the same error message for the following (and other BBC) links as well:

Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong ?

Many thanks