A curious question from a newbie

I am a long time user of OmniOutliner. I have two machines that I synchronize. On one machine, the contents of my OmniOutliner files display correctly in the preview window of DT when I select a OmniOutliner .oo3 file. On my other machine, when I select the same file, it just displays the OmniOutliner icon (I can of course explicitly open the file). Both machines run the latest version of DT Pro Office. I don’t recall doing any special configuration on the machine that properly displays the files (but perhaps I did?). Thoughts?

I second this request…

The same thing happened to me about a month ago. But for some reason the omnioutliner files started showing up in the preview pane. I don’t know what I did to fix it. But now, its back to showing me the icon in preview window again after I just updated to OS X Mavericks. Any thoughts on this from the community would be greatly appreciated.

One additional point - after I upgraded the OS to Mavericks, the preview stopped working on the machine where it was viewed correctly. Similarly with Mindmanager - maps were viewed in the preview window but no longer show up…is there some cache someplace of preview images?

Non-displaying previews are not caused by DEVONthink. DEVONthink merely uses the same OS X preview feature that Finder and other programs use.

If a reboot does not clear the problem then reset the OS X Quick Look cache. In Terminal:

qlmanage -r cache

If the problem persists, post to the Apple support forum, or ask the developer of the program whose file you are trying to preview. For OmniOutliner check the OmniGroup forums.