A few Indexing questions

I have three folders where I keep my client materials:


First, is there an easy way to have DevonThinkProOffice monitor “~/client/active/Smith,John” and automatically index any files that are placed in there?

Next, if when the case is over and I move the folder to the “former” directory, am I right that the indexing in the DevonThink database is broken?

I don’t want to have to keep duplicate copies of everything on my computer, so I am trying to see if there is a way that indexed databases can easily update.


If “monitor” means does DEVONthink watch file system folders and respond to changes - no, it does not. Something like Hazel will monitor the file system, and Hazel can trigger scripts to do make DEVONthink do what you want. A halfway alternative is to attach the Synchronize triggered script to an indexed group – see page 110 of the DEVONthink Pro Office Manual available here.

No – if you make a small change to your folder structure in the file system. Instead of ~/client/inactive if the root folder was ~/clients, and if you indexed just the root, ~/clients, then all three folders would be included in DEVONthink as sub-groups. In that case, if you move a file from the active to the inactive subfolder in the file system, and then run File > Update Indexed Items on clients, the changes made by moving documents from one subfolder to another would be reflected in DEVONthink. A warning: don’t move the documents in DEVONthink – move them in the original folders in the file system.

This is far easier to do than to describe. 8) Try it by making a small experimental folder structure, with subfolders, index the root of that tree, and see what happens.

The question for you is … why bother to index all this? You could import everything into DEVONthink, delete the originals, avoid these machinations, and get to the same destination.

I’m going to be test driving the software for a bit, so I am therefore reluctant to start to dump everything in there off the bat.

So you are saying I could have the database clients that indexes the folder ~/clients and then freely move folders without ruining the database?

Yes … but use a substantial test sample and verify it for yourself first.


Searching around for more on indexing…I saw this question about why bothering to index.

I’m indexing right now because there are tons of times when I’m teaching (for example) and I need to pull a full down from Dropbox on the fly. Or I’m in someone’s office and need quick access to a file.

It’s hard to do if I don’t have my own laptop handy…and the Devonthink to Go wasn’t doing it for me. (But I haven’t looked at the latest iteration.)

This is a tired question, I know. But I’d love to get better up-to-date on the most recent possibilities. Has anything changed lately on remote access?