A few questions on Smart Rules

(1) Can we reveal the location of the created smart rules in the finder?
(2) Is there a way to group Smart Rules by database, by group, or by custom groups of smart rules, under the navigate sidebar? Alternatively, is there a quick search function (similar to ctrl-cmd-g) for smart rules?
(3) Is there a way to retrieve/reveal the search string of a smart rule and smart group once they are created? It would be very convenient if the search string can be reused to modify or for converting rule into group or vice versa.

I do not seem to find the info re (1) to (3) in help, so I assume that the features mentioned above are not available yet? (2) may become very relevant as we have more and more rules being set up.

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  1. The Smart Rules are in a property list in DEVONthink 3’s App Support folder.
  2. No and no.
  3. Please clarify what you mean by this.

I encounter situation where the same/similar complex search criteria are needed in both smart rule and group. For that purpose, I need to set up the dialogue box twice (1 for rule and 1 for group). The time of setup can be reduced if there is a function to (1) convert/duplicate smart group into a smart rule or vice versa by keeping the same search criteria, or (2) a way to retrieve/see/copy the search string in smart rule, so that a smart group can be created by entering the same search string into the search field. The thing is, entering a complex string in search field can create an advance search panel for smart group, but openning up an smart group/rule doesn’t show the underlying search string.

Just a clarification to the question. I can live very happily with the current capability of 3.0.

It’s actually not necessary to create smart groups having identical conditions to smart rules - each smart rule is also a smart group, you can view its results by selecting it.

Yes you are right! I just need to keep the default 'cancel" as action.
But… one limitation is that smart rule is a global object and can’t be placed within group. Again, those are limitation that can be lived with.

Thanks again

I just need to keep the default 'cancel" as action.

Smart rules don’t trigger when you merely select them.

I think Criss was pointing out you can select a smart rule and view the matching contents, just as you can with a smart group. The smart rule just allows you to act on those matched items with actions.