A few tagging questions

Still confused about tagging…

  1. When a document is dragged into a folder, then that folder’s name automatically becomes the document’s first tag, right? (And apparently if you delete that tag, the document is removed from the folder, right?)

  2. The “Tags” bar is at the bottom of the whole DEVON window, right? Anyway to put it somewhere else?

  3. How do you tag a file? Do you have to click on that Tags bar at the bottom and type the tag in there?

  4. The Tags bar at the bottom seems to support auto-fill for pre-existing tags. But that functionality hasn’t come to the Sorter yet, right?

Thanks for any help!

Yes, if you delete the only group tag assigned to a document, the document is moved to the root of the database.

Nope, that’s where it is in the 2.0 final release.

There are multiple ways to tag files-the tag bar, the info window, replicating to folder groups and/or tag groups, dragging to the Groups & Tags HUD pane, etc.

I expect it would be difficult to implement in the Sorter, as a database needs to be open to read and suggest tags (using other import methods). The Sorter works when DT is running, but also when it is closed, and thus the Sorter would not have access to the existing tags.

Actually DEVONthink already creates the necessary files in the meta data cache (~/Library/Caches/Metadata) for autocompletion but the Sorter does not yet use it. But this will be part of an upcoming release.


Any news on accessing of the DT tags in the Sorter. I add a lot of notes this way and like to tag them at the time. For the moment tagging is not self-completing. Have I missed something or has this not been fixed yet?

Many thanks.

Steve J


Please disregard my last comment. It is working! Heaven knows what I was doing.

Steve J